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DOL c/w 3 Pole 40A Contactor 110V Coil


Direct Online Starters

Direct Online Starters (DOL) applies full line voltage to the motor terminals, the starters or cubicle locations. This is the simplest type of motor starter. A DOL motor starter also contains protection devices.

A direct on line starter can be used if the high inrush current of the motor does not cause excessive voltage drop in the supply circuit. 

DOL starting is sometimes used to start small water pumps, compressors, fans and conveyer belts, these Direct Online Starters are available in 380/400V versions with various Amp, kW and Coil Voltages.

The units are housed in an IP65 Enclosure and available from a 9A to and 80A overload. Coil voltages are 24, 48, 110, 240 & 451V AC, and all units feature integrated STOP/START buttons.


  • IP65 Enclosure.
  • Supplied with integral Stop/Start Buttons.
  • Available from 9A – 80A overload.
  • Coil voltages – 24, 48, 110, 240 & 415V AC.