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Voltage Optimisation

Voltage Optimisation is a ‘foundation efficiency technology’. That is to say it complements or enhances the performance of renewable technologies, allowing them to integrate more harmoniously and effectively into your projects.

It needs to be understood that a Voltage Optimiser does not directly make an energy saving – it merely creates a voltage that derives a saving by providing a voltage closer to the designed parameters of your appliances.

The result is an energy saving but it is the appliance that is consuming less power and not some power ‘electrickery’ going on at the optimiser end.

Why do we need to optimise supplies?

Because supplied grid voltages are higher than the appliances optimal voltage requirement.

This results in:-

  • The operating life of appliances being reduced dramatically.
  • An increase in the power they consume.
  • Electrical bills and carbon footprint being unnecessarily raised.

Who should optimise their supply voltages?

The straight forward approach to this is anyone with a voltage that persists at 234V or higher which accounts for about 90% of homes in the UK. An electrician can check this for you or you can buy a simple plug in logger for less than £20.

What savings can be expected?

A reduction in demand, typically between 6-14% of billing – Voltage Optimisation does not itself save kWh – It creates a condition for savings to be achieved.

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