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ECU enclosures are plastic mini enclosures that can either be supplied unpopulated or pre-loaded.
Our IP40 range come in either a 2 way or 4 way unpopulated version with no lid cover or a 4 way size that comes complete with 63A, 30mA RCD & 1 40A Type MCB and cover. A complete range of IP40 mini ecu enclosures can be made to order.

Our IP50 range comes in either a 4 way or 6 way option – again, either populated or unpopulated.

The flexibility of these products mean they are suitable for many applications. Manufactured from flame retardant ABS plastic, the plastic mini eco enclosures are a non-expensive solution.

Unsure of which option to choose? Call us today for some advice. Our in-house and on the road sales teams will be happy to support you and quote you for any bespoke unit builds.

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