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We have various accessories for consumer units here at CPN Cudis.

Ranging from blanking strips, locking devices and accessory packs, take a look below for more detail about our consumer unit accessories:-

Blanking Strip – (CU BLANK) – These are for use in Consumer Units and 3 Phase Distribution Boards. They are designed to cover unused ways to protect against foreign objects touching live components.

MCB Blank – (MCB BLANK) – MCB Blank is a blank single plastic module.

Locking Device, 1 Pole MCB with Padlock – (PL01-A) – Locking devices are suitable for locking MC & MH MCB’s, RCD’s & IS Range Isolators into an ON/OFF position.

Accessory Pack – (MCU ACC PACK) – The Accessory Pack contains labels, busbar covers, spare blanks and installation instructions.

If you are unsure of which item to choose or have any questions, call us today for some advice on 0161 989 5636. Our in-house and on the road sales teams will be happy to help.

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