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Residual Circuit Breakers with overload protection.

The Cudis RO2 RCBOs are 2 module, 2 pole and have a 10kA breaking capacity with an earth leakage rating of 30mA.

A combination of MCB and RCD protection provides overload and short circuit protection in one unit. It makes this unit perfect for use in caravan parks, marinas, leisure parks etc by allowing earth fault protection to be restricted to a single circuit – limiting nuisance tripping of many circuits.

The RO2 RCBOs come in various current ratings: 6A, 10A, 16A, 20A, 25A, 32A & 40A and on a B and C trip curve.

Compliant with BSEN61009-1, the range of RO2 RCBOs naturally feature our 5 year warranty cover.

Take a look at the variants below. For more information on which variant is best suited for your requirements and for our latest prices and availability, please call our sales team on 0161 989 5636 to discuss. Our in-house and on the road support teams will be happy to provide all the assistance you should need.

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