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Our Cudis Range of Modular Timers consist of 3 options:- A 24HR Analogue, 7 Day Digital and a Staircase Timer.

Cudis Modular Timer Range provides control of lighting or heating circuits with automatic switch-off after a pre-set time or permanent ON/OFF switching.

24-Hour Analogue Timer

  • Switches loads of up to 16A
  • 24-Hour ON/OFF with 96×15 minute segments
  • Switching status indicator

7-Day Digital Timer

  • Switches loads of up to 16A
  • 2 module width
  • Electronic with LCD display
  • 7 day 24 hour ON/OFF programming
  • Battery back up

Staircase Timer

  • Switches loads of up to 16A
  • Suitable for most lighting types
  • Ideal for controlling stair lighting in communal areas
  • Simple time setting: 30 seconds – 20 minutes

Take a look at the variants below. For more information on which variant is best suited for your requirements and for our latest prices and availability, please call our sales team on 0161 989 5636 to discuss. Our in-house and on the road support teams will be happy to provide all the assistance you should need.

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