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The Cudis Range of MCB Auxiliaries feature a signal contact of 1 N/O, 1 N/C, a shunt trip of 230V and an under-volt release of 230V.

Rated at 230V to 240V, the MCB Auxiliaries range is NOT compatible with the MH or MB Range of MCB’s.

MC-A Features

  • Mounts onto the left hand side of MC range or MH range of MCBs.
  • Used for volt-free contacts, eg to connect an alarm or similar to give an indication of an MCB contact position.

MC-S Features

  • Complies with EN60947-5
  • If voltage is applied MC-S will switch off the attached MCB.
  • Ideal applications include ‘stop’ circuits when manual reset of the device is required.

MC-V Features

  • Complies with EN60947-5
  • Fits onto the left hand side of MC range of MCBs.
  • Ideal when the power-up process after a voltage loss/trip may be damaging or dangerous.

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