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Type 3, Class 3 Surge Arrester

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Surges or transients are short duration increases voltage measured between two or more conductors. These potentially harmful voltages can be induced into a building from a direct strike of from secondary effects of lightning which can reach up to 6000 Volts.

Surge protection devices protect from these voltage increases.

  • The CPN Black Box offers 10 metres of surge protection either side of the device it is installed on.
  • A Class 3 Surge Arrester that is flexible solution to protecting individual pieces of equipment.
  • Perfectly suited to protecting Ring Mains & Individual Sockets, Switch Fuse Spurs, Lighting, Fire Alarms Panels, CCTV, Cameras etc, its small size means that it can be mounted in confined spaces and audible alarm will indicate if the arrester needs to replaced.


  • SPD according to EN61643-11, Type 3.
  • SPD according to IEC61643-11/11, Class 3.
  • Nominal AC Voltage, 230V.
  • Nominal Discharge current: 1.5kA.
  • Short circuit withstand capability for mains-side and over current protection with 32A.
  • 1 Port.
  • Rated to IP50.
  • Acoustic signal on for fault indication.

CPN-BLACK-BOX Datasheet-compressed  CPN-BLACK-BOX Datasheet-compressed