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M40 Brass Tails Gland 2x25mm Tails, 1x16mm Earth

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Tail Glands & Outgoing Circuit Glands

Tail Glands & Out-Going Circuit Glands and Cleats are a must have as they are designed to attach and or wire, whether this is for a fuse box or for data and telecommunications cable.

They are designed to seal and terminate so that maintenance can be carried out adequately and safely, and also maintain the IP ratings. Grommet packs are also available that seal and hold the cables in place.

The CPN Cudis range of Tail Glands come in various different sizes as well as 3 different finishing materials – grey plastic, black plastic and brass.

  • Provides a solution for the wiring of the new Amendment 3 compliant Consumer Units
  • Utilising their unique inserts, they allow metre tails and earth wire to be installed through one insert
  • Providing cable retention
  • No eddy currents
  • Are mindful to maintain the appropriate fire integrity of the board
  • Insert is suitable for 2 x 25mm² / 1 x 16mm² cables
  • Blanking plug included if earth cable not required
  • Vibration resistant