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A consumer unit is a type of distribution board (a component of an electrical power system within which an electrical power feed provides supply to subsidiary circuits).

Modern consumer units usually use DIN-rail mount breakers. The rail and the shape of the front opening are standardized but the busbar arrangements are not. Therefore mixing of brands should generally be avoided and, where unavoidable, care should be taken to ensure that the breaker chosen is a good fit for the busbars.

Generally a “split load” arrangement is used with some circuits protected by the RCD and others not.

All CPN products are manufactured to the highest standards at ISO accredited facilities to our design and specification which ensures a quality product at an exceptional price.

We have a wide range of consumer units suitable for a variety of projects. Unsure of which variety to choose? Call us today for some advice. Our in-house and on the road sales teams will be happy to support you.

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