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What is Circuit Protection?

Circuit Protection is the intentional installation of a “weak link” in an electrical circuit. This is a fuse or circuit breaker, referred to here as a circuit protection device or CPD.

What is the CPD protection against?

Prevention of wire conductor overheating and resultant burning of the wire insulation is the primary reason to install a fuse or circuit breaker. In some cases they are also installed to protect electrical or electronic equipment from damage.

How does fire start in an electrical circuit?

Fire results when too much amperage travels through a wire. Amperage is electron flow through a conductor. If too much amperage flows through a wire, enough heat can be generated to melt and burn the wire insulation or surrounding materials.

At CPN Cudis we have a wide range of these types of devices. Please call our in-house sales team on 0161 989 5636 for more information and technical advice.

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