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CPN Cudis’ Lumo Consumer Unit Lights up Elex 2014

Jason Hallam Lumo Illuminated Consumer Unit

CPN Cudis’ new ‘Lumo’ illuminated consumer unit was the star of the show at Elex 2014.

The company attracted many visitors to the stand during the course of the two-day show which led to over 80 high quality leads for the ‘Lumo’. Whilst on the stand visitors were also encouraged to take part in the ‘Lumo Buzzwire’ challenge, which put the attendees through their paces as they attempted to keep a steady hand and win a free ‘Lumo’! 16 lucky winners walked away with a brand new Lumo Illuminated Consumer Unit of their own.

Elex 2014 visitors saw for themselves just how easy it is to reset a tripped circuit breaker with the LED light-up feature, and got to grips with the potential for improving the lives of customers, especially where the elderly or visually impaired may be required to reset a circuit breaker.

Jason Hallam, CPN UK Specification Manager, said: “It was great to show off the Lumo Illuminated Consumer Unit and get visitors involved in the ‘Lumo Buzzwire’ challenge, which was a big hit. Seeing the reactions of visitors who automatically saw the solid added value proposition the ‘Lumo’ offers, to those wanting to improve system maintenance, was also priceless”.

Nigel Garrard, Electrical Contractor, said: “This is an absolutely brilliant idea and I would happily recommend the Lumo. I really enjoyed seeing it in action at Elex and I can see how the LED feature would work wonders for homes where the consumer unit is tucked away under the stairs.”

Available in three different sizes up to 22 ways and conforming to BS EN60439, the Lumo promises durability through its UK engineered components. For added convenience the LED strip is powered by a standard, easy-to-access battery that the owner can simply replace.

The Lumo is now available to order as part of a new CPN Cudis 17th Edition consumer unit. To find your nearest stockist click here.

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