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CPN’s Innovative Lumo Consumer Unit to Illuminate User Issues at Elex 2014

Innovative UK manufacturer CPN is bringing its ‘Lumo’ illuminated consumer unit to Elex Coventry 2014 to demonstrate how the simple, added value solution is ideal for local authority building occupants, housing association tenants, or the visually impaired, who could potentially injure themselves in the dark when a circuit breaker trips.

Lumo, which was highly commended at the 2013 Electrical Industry Awards, is fitted with an in-built LED to allow the user to easily reset a tripped circuit breaker without having to fumble in the dark for a torch. This has clear benefits for the convenience and safety of the user and presents an added value proposition for those working with local authorities, housing associations, and care homes, especially in properties where a replacement consumer unit needs to be fitted in a dark location, such as under the stairs.

The CPN stand will provide the chance to see the Lumo, talk to the CPN experts about its benefits, and take on the Lumo buzzer challenge for the chance to win one of the consumer units.

Jason Hallam, CPN UK Specification Manager, said: “The Lumo illuminated consumer unit is an innovative and unique product solution which is why it will take centre stage on CPN’s Elex stand this year.

“The response from contractors and wholesalers is that there is an obvious requirement for Lumo and that it brings clear benefits for users in certain sectors, especially where the elderly or visually impaired may be required to reset a circuit breaker – we’re looking forward to getting in front of customers and telling them about the solid added value proposition the Lumo offers to those wanting to improve system maintenance.”

Available in three different sizes up to 22 ways and conforming to BS EN60439-3, the Lumo promises durability through its UK engineered components. For added convenience the LED strip is powered by a standard, easy-to-access battery that the owner can simply replace.

The Lumo is now available to order as part of a new CPN-Cudis 17th Edition consumer unit. To find your nearest stockist click here or contact us.

For more information about the Lumo click here.

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