Dehn 924 396 - Type 3 Class 3 SPD

Consumer Units

924 396    - Type 3 Class 3 Surge Protection Device

Product codes:

924 396    - Type 3 Class 3 SPD     Flush Mount

For protecting electronic equipment against surges, in applications such as flush mounting systems, in Dado-trunking, in skirting trunking, and so on. 

The 924 396 surge protection device is designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment with a 10 metre range. The audible alarm sounds when the device is no longer active. It is advisable to mark the area with a label where the device is concealed.     

924-396 Type 3 Class 3 SPD     For flush mounting or trunking mount
924-396 Type 3 Class 3 SPD     Installation diagram

  • Shallow profile
  • Compact design
  • Acoustic surge fault indication 
  • For use in flush-mounted systems, cable trunking and flush boxes
  • Competitive, effective method of surge protection
  • Sold in singles by our Stockists and Super-Stockists