Push Button Control Stations

Push Buttons

Control Station

PLB- Range
BPLB - Blister Pack Versions

Product Codes
PLB-ESBKR/1NC     Key Release          Emergency Stop    1 N/C
PLB-ESBPR/2NC     Pull Release          Emergency Stop    2 N/C
PLB-ESBSR/1NC     Spring Release     Emergency Stop    1 N/C
PLB-ESBTR/1NC     Twist Release       Emergency Stop    1 N/C
PLB-ESBTR/2NC     Twist Release       Emergency Stop    2 N/C
PLB-2UA                   2 Button                 c/w Up/Down and Arrow
PLB-3UAS                3 Button                  c/w Up/Down and Arrow 

A range of the most popular configurations of made-up push button control stations.