Mini Contactor - CC*****M Range

Control Gear

Mini Contactors
Please note - this range will become obsolete in 2014-5

Product Codes
Mini Contactors 
CC30901M/**       9A        4kW         N/C Auxiliary
CC30910M/**       9A        4kW         N/O Auxiliary
CC31201M/**       12A      5.5kW      N/C Auxiliary
CC31210M/**       12A      5.5kW      N/O Auxiliary

**Coil voltage needs to be added
B7      24V AC
E7      48V AC
F7      110V AC
U7      240V AC
N7      415V AC
Mini Overload Relays
CR4.00K              2.50 TO 4.00A
CR6.00K              4.00 TO 6.00A
CR8.00K              6.00 TO 8.00A
CR10.0K              8.00 TO 10.0A

The CC series of Cudis mini-contactors are usually used in circuits up to 660V at 50/60Hz.

They can be connected to a thermal relay to form an Electromagnetic Starter which protects circuits from thermal overloads.

Other auxiliaries include Head Mounted Contacts.

The products are manufactured and tested to IEC60947-4-1.
  • Mini Contactors rated at 9A and 12A at AC3
  • 4KW and 5.5 KW rated 
  • N/O main poles   
  • Available with N/O or N/C auxiliary contact configuration
  • Overload Relays and Head Mounted Auxiliaries are also available
  • DIN rail mount
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