Manual Motor Starter - CMS Range

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Manual Motor Starter

CMS Range
BCMS Blister Pack Versions

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Product Codes
3 Pole Overload  Setting Range
CMS1.00              0.63 - 1.00A
CMS1.60              1.00 - 1.60A
CMS2.50              1.60 - 2.50A
CMS4.00              2.50 - 4.00A
CMS6.30              4.00 - 6.30A
CMS10.0              6.30 - 10.0A
CMS14.0              9.00 - 14.0A
CMS18.0              13.0 - 18.0A
CMS25.0              20.0 - 25.0A


IP55 Enclosure
CMSENC                       for CMS Range 


Auxiliary Contacts
CMSHA                         Head Mounted Auxiliary
CMSSA                         Side Mounted Auxiliary


  • Motor protection circuit breakers
  • Mainly used for overload and short circuit protection of motors
  • AC 50/60Hz
  • Up to 660V
  • 0.1 - 32A power circuit
  • Used a full voltage starter to start and cut off the motor under the AC3 load
  • IP55 enclosure available
  • Head and side mounted auxiliaries available
  • Box quantity:1  
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