RCBOs - ROH 10kA Range

Circuit Protection

RCBOs - ROH Range

Product codes
Amp                B Curve                    C Curve            Breaking Capacity
06A               ROH106B/030          ROH106C/030                 10kA
10A               ROH110B/030          ROH110C/030                 10kA
16A               ROH116B/030          ROH116C/030                 10kA
20A               ROH120B/030          ROH120C/030                 10kA
25A               ROH125B/030          ROH125C/030                 10kA
32A               ROH132B/030          ROH132C/030                 10kA
40A               ROH140B/030          ROH140C/030                 10kA


RCBO’s (Residual Circuit Breaker with Overload) are a combination of an RCD and MCB in one unit. The ROH range of RCBO's provide B and C type tripping curves (MCB), with a 30mA tripping current (RCD).

This enables both over-current protection and earth fault current protection to be provided by a single unit and allows earth fault protection to be restricted to a single circuit, ensuring only the circuit with the fault is interrupted, limiting inconvenience tripping of many circuits.              

Only 10kA versions are available – thus reducing the cost of stocking 6kA and 10kA versions.

All CPN products are manufactured to the highest standards at ISO accredited facilities to our design and specification which ensures a quality product at an exceptional price.
  • The ROH range is a 1 Pole 1 Module device
  • An RCBO is a combination MCB and RCD
  • Provides overload and short circuit protection in one unit
  • Complete with integral Test button
  • Comply with EN61009
  • Available in B and C curve                                                                 
  • 10kA interrupt capacity                                       
  • Current ratings (A) – 6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40
  • 30mA tripping current
  • Connection terminal: pillar terminal with clamp                                          
  • Conductor capacity: flexible 10mm², rigid 16mm²
  • 35mm DIN rail mount
  • Panel mounting
  • Box quantity: 1
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