RCBOs - RO Range 2 Pole

Circuit Protection

RCBOs - RO Range 2 Pole

Product Codes

Amp                B Curve                 C Curve            Breaking Capacity
06A               RO206B/030          RO206C/030                 6kA
10A               RO210B/030          RO210C/030                 6kA
16A               RO216B/030          RO216C/030                 6kA
20A               RO220B/030          RO220C/030                 6kA
25A               RO225B/030          RO225C/030                 6kA
32A               RO232B/030          RO232C/030                 6kA
40A               RO240B/030          RO240C/030                 6kA

RCBO’s (Residual Circuit Breaker with Overload) are a combination of an RCD and MCB in one unit. The RO range of RCBO's provide B and C type tripping curves (MCB), with a 30mA tripping current (RCD).

Unlike the single pole 1 module ROH range, the RO range is a 2 pole 2 module RCBO that switches both the Line and Neutral. This is especially demanded in the caravan park, marina, leisure park , etc., applications.

This enables both over-current protection and earth fault current protection to be provided by a single unit and allows earth fault protection to be restricted to a single circuit, ensuring only the circuit with the fault is interrupted, limiting inconvenience tripping of many circuits.

All CPN products are manufactured to the highest standards at ISO accredited facilities to our design and specification which ensures a quality product at an exceptional price.
  • 2 pole 2 module devices which switches both Line and Neutral
  • An RCBO is a combination MCB and RCD
  • Provides overload and short circuit protection in one unit
  • Complete with integral Test button
  • Comply with EN61009
  • Available in B and C curve
  • 6kA interrupt capacity
  • Current ratings (A) – 6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40
  • 30mA tripping current
  • Connection terminal: pillar terminal with clamp
  • Conductor capacity: flexible 10mm2, rigid 16mm2
  • 35mm DIN rail mount
  • Panel mounting
  • Box quantity: 1

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