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Product codes
MCB Locking Devices
PL01          - 1 pole

PL02          - 2 and 3 pole

Blanking Strips
CU Blank      - 1 pole                 Consumer Unit blank

MCB Locking Devices 
A robust metal MCB locking device that provides tamper-proof protection against the mis-use or re-setting of MCBs.
Suitable for locking the MC range and MH range of MCBs in the ON or OFF position. A padlock is not supplied.

Blanking Strips
Plastic blanking strips that are designed to cover a single pole space within a Cudis consumer unit, enclosure or distribution board. Two pole and three pole spaces in a unit can be protected by addition of extra blanking strips.
The CU Blank is for use in the Cudis range of consumer units and mini enclosures.

All CPN products are manufactured to the highest standards at ISO accredited facilities to our design and specification which ensures a quality product at an exceptional price.

Features: MCB Locking Devices
  • Robust metal, tamper proof protection for MCBs
  • Locks MC or MH MCBs in the ON or OFF positions
  • Provides safety and protection
  • Padlock not supplied
Features: Blanking Strips
  • CU Blanks: used in consumer units and mini enclosures
  • Provides protection against accidental access to live parts
  • 1 pole width
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