Modular Contactors - 20A, 40A, 63A


Modular Contactors

Product Codes
                       Poles      Amps     AC1 kW     AC3 kW    Width 
MODC2/20     2 Pole     20A        9kW           2.2kW     2 Module
MODC4/40     4 Pole     40A        16kW         5.5kW     3 Module
MODC4/63     4 Pole     63A        24kW         8.5kW     3 Module
* Please note:
Please ensure the heat barrier enclosed on sale with the MODC2/20 modular contactor is utilised when placing the contactor in the consumer unit. 

This product fits into the standard enclosures and CPN consumer units and will switch loads up to 16A. Ideal for controlling outside lighting, heating systems or similar.

Electro-mechanical, noise free design to IEC61095.

N/O contacts with a contact position indicator.

All CPN products are manufactured to the highest standards at ISO accredited facilities to our design and specification which ensures a quality product at an exceptional price.

  • Fits into the standard enclosures and consumer units
  • Ideal for controlling large lighting loads and heating systems
  • Electro-magnetic mechanism free of noise
  • IEC61095
  • Contact position indicator
  • Contacts: N/O
  • Connection terminal: pillar terminal with clamp - up to 25mm2
  • DIN rail or Panel mounting

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